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Do you want to profit from your tips and give our Pro Tipsters a run for their money?

Are your betting predictions spot on? Then the Betting Owls Tipster Academy is just the stage to flex those tipster muscles.

Being a punter is fun but have you thought about how much fun it is to be a leader of the pack, telling your peers where to place their bets instead of being a follower? When you join the Betting Owl Tipster Academy, you will be able to partake in the excitement of sport betting but without the risk of losing money. You don´t have to think so much about where to place your bets “correctly” (stressful) but how much you are willing to bet or risk (more stressful) Now imagine leaving the side lines and holding the sounding horn instead—you share your tips, you make people follow your lead, and eventually, you can make profits doing so. Plus, you help people make more informed decisions in placing their bets and win more money. Does that sound like your dream job?

If your predictions are not average at all and you know how to pick winning bets, plus you want to help other punters win, sign up and Become a Tipster in the Betting Owls Tipster Academy. You can end up in our coveted roster of Pro Tipsters and start earning thousands of Euros every month!

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